Some of your questions answered

What to wear?

It's simple - your child needs to be comfortable. We suggest that girls wear T-shirt, tights or bike pants or a leotard (winter - track pants) and boys wear shorts / T-shirt (winter - track pants).

What to bring?

Our classes have a short break time in them, so you should bring along a snack and drink for your child.

When to arrive?

We know time is important to us all so we like to stick to our planned schedule. To allow your child to get the most out of their experience, we suggest that:

  • You arrive around 5 minutes before the session starts to allow your child to have free play and explore the creative gym room before the program begins (applicable to Kindergym program only).
  • If the gym room is unattended, you should wait for a coach to arrive before entering. We want the experience for children to start the minute they enter the room.
  • If the class before is still in progress, just wait a short while and they will finish. Your class will be ready for fun very soon!

What should I do during class time?

Kindergym classes

During class time, our full attention is on your child, making sure they get the most out of their activity. We know you want the same thing, so we ask you to:

  • Switch off or mute your mobile phones during class time.
  • Take care of siblings so we can all participate safely.
  • Assist with your children during free play, warmups, circuit (skills) and craft time, if you are a kindergym parent / carer.
  • Be attentive while coaches are demonstrating activities.
  • Keep our equipment in a good state by making sure that hands are clean after snack time.

After-school Gymnastics classes

  • During our after-school classes we encourage parents to wait in the viewing room at the swim centre.
  • New children to the program sometimes start a little shy and we are happy for new parents to watch for a session or two.
  • We have found that dropping children off and picking up after class reduces the level of noise in the gym room and concentration and participation levels are much higher from all gymnasts.

Are siblings allowed to participate?

Kindergym classes

We believe that families that play together learn together so we love to see siblings involved. However, we also know that siblings can be a distraction. To make sure your child gets the most out of their activities at Jitterbugs, we ask you to:

  • Make sure that siblings have their insurance paid before they enter the gymnastics area and play on equipment (this includes siblings under the age of 2 that are mobile). This is a legal obligation for Jitterbugs.

After-school Gymnastics classes

Unfortunately siblings who aren't enrolled in the after-school gymnastics classes are not allowed to play on the equipment when entering the gym room.

Can we trial your program?

We encourage it as we know that once children get a taste of Jitterbugs activity, it's hard for them to stop. We offer one FREE Come "n" try session is available per child, prior to registration. However, these are very popular so please contact us early.

To be part of the Jitterbugs classes, when are fees due?

Fees are paid per term. A yearly insurance fee is also payable, to allow for cover from Gymnastics Australia.

For siblings to participate, they will need to have their insurance paid before they are allowed to enter the gymnastics area and play on equipment (this includes siblings under the age of 2 that are mobile).

Payment of fees is due by week 3 of any term. Part payments are an option. At the end of each term, a deposit is required to secure re-enrolment for the next term.

We try to roughly coincide our terms with the ACT School terms. We either have a 9-week or 10-week term with a slightly different fee schedule set for each.

If your child misses a class, they may be able to do a makeup session on another day or time. However, no refunds can be offered unless in special circumstances when your child is unable to continue the program (through injury or illness).

Please contact us for details regarding term and insurance fees.